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What makes home care services a great option for elderly

What makes home care services a great option for elderly

As we age and children move away for work or personal reasons, it can become increasingly more of a challenge for the elderly to live independently. As we age, we realize that what seemed mundane daily activities, now pose a challenge. Those who have some chronic illness that may require medical attention and aid in an emergency, the risks involved in living alone are higher.

Nowadays, as a very viable solution to moving into a senior living or assisted living facility, there are a number of service providers who offer an array of options for elder care at home.

Most research surveys indicate that over 80% of the elderly population greatly value their independence and dignity and would prefer to live in their own homes for as long as possible, without compromising on safety and security. As aging can have its debilitating effect, not only on the body but more so on the mind, the psychological security that is provided by merely being able to live in one’s own home can be a great boon. Care at home services allows elders to experience this independence along with access to varied levels of assistance as required.

Care at home doesn’t necessarily imply having an assistant live with you 24×7. You could request for specific assistance based on your health status and activities to be performed.

Care at home services include the services of medical and paramedical professionals such as occupational therapists, physical therapists, home health nurses, visiting physicians and also non-medical assistance about cooking cleaning, gardening, housekeeping, traveling and so on.

Some may also request a care at home service provider to provide part-time or full-time assistants to help with activities of daily living such as grooming, bathing, feeding, walking and so on.

Care at home options are plenty and beneficial especially to the elderly.

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