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Various uses of handicap equipment

Various uses of handicap equipment

Handicap equipment shall serve as a boon for the elderly and disabled people. It makes their moving around easier, their quality of life is upgraded and their life becomes safer and more secure.

Handicap equipment in the bathroom
The bathroom is an accident-prone area for the disabled as it comprises of slick and wet surfaces. To steady movements, while settling down in the washing area, a grab bar could prove to be extremely useful. It can be installed with ease. A portable toilet can be purchased or a raised toilet seat can work wonders for people with difficulty in sitting down and standing up.

Handicap access in the kitchen
For easy access in the kitchen, special cutting boards and spreading plates are taken into consideration. They are curved to prevent the food from sliding off and also have spikes to steadily hold the food in place for cutting purposes. Adaptive utensils with special handles or straps are available to make the process of eating easier.

Tools for easy dressing up
For putting on shoes, disabled people can avail items from the drawers or a closet with the help of a grabber or a reacher. For fastening clothes, button hook tools and zipper pulls play an important role. Arthritis patients have no reason to worry because particular clothing is designed for them, where large fasteners make the process hassle-free.

Handicap equipment for locomotion
Your insurance or Medicaid shall pay for the tools which shall assist the needy in moving around. Scooters and motorized wheelchairs are in the trend. There are also specially equipped vans for raising wheelchairs into the passenger’s or right into the driver’s seat. They consist of special hand levers where someone with restricted leg movement can use the accelerator and brakes.

Handicap equipment for home use
For people with hearing problems, special phones are available for translating speech into text, so that you do not miss the message of a loved one! Also, when the doorbell or phone rings, it can be accompanied by flashes of light.

Handicap equipment is basically to make the lives of people with weaknesses a bit easier with the assistance of equipment.

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