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Tips to choose the best compression stockings for men

Tips to choose the best compression stockings for men

Compression socks and stocking are therapeutic socks. They exert pressure on the blood vessels in your leg from the ankles up, to keep your blood flowing smoothly. The usage of this socks is desirable in many medical conditions.

Why do you need medical compression socks?
Compression socks are generally advised for treating or preventing certain blood flow related conditions like deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins. Many of the conditions requiring compression socks are caused when the person stays in the same position for a long period of time—standing, sitting, or even laying down.

However, athletes and trekkers and hikers can also require the use of compression socks, because the activities that they indulge in, may force the blood down their legs and cause it to pool in their feet. This causes pain and can even lead to the formation of blood clots. Wearing compression socks provides relief from these conditions. They exert pressure at the foot and ankle and become more loose-fitting in the upper part.

Compression socks: Pressure levels and styles
You can buy compression socks that have varying degrees of compression. Generally, you should go for lower pressure levels. Compression socks with 10 mmHg can be bought over the counter. Medical compression socks vary in range from 15 mmHg to 40 mmHg. These should be used only if your physician advises doing so. Compressions socks also come in different styles like knee-high, thigh-high, and pantyhose. The style should be chosen based on how high up your legs you require compression, depending on your condition. Do not buy thigh-high socks if knee-high will do. Consult with your doctor and get your leg properly measured before you go out and buy compression socks.

Some of the best compression socks
Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks
These are below knee compression socks that are stylish and comfortable, ideal for sports use or while traveling. The fabric is a mix of polyamide and elastane. It keeps moisture away from the skin. The seamless toe helps prevent blisters. The socks provide optimal compression at the knee and relax as they move up. This ensures good blood circulation.

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks
These socks are knee-high pairs, their compression level is around 20 to 30 mmHg. They are thus not too tight but exert just enough pressure for regular use or while traveling, ensuring that your blood circulation is not disrupted while you are sitting down for a long time or while doing light exercises.

JOBST Medical Compression Stockings
These are medical grade high compression stockings made of spandex yarn. Available for both men and women, they have a high level of compression, and you should use them only if your doctor has suggested that you need that level of pressure. However, they are good for people with conditions like varicose veins and can provide relief from pain.

Buying compression stockings for men is easy, you have a wide choice of products in the market. However, be sure to consult your doctor before you buy these socks to ensure that they are actually beneficial, and do not end up causing harm.

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