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Thumb braces for pain relief and support

Thumb braces for pain relief and support

Thumb braces are supportive devices that help in providing pain relief and to help heal injuries. There are different styles of thumb braces available in the market. Thumb braces or thumb splints come in different styles. You can get thumb braces that provide light to full support, depending on how limited the thumb movement needs to be. Thumb braces are worn over the hand and extend up to the wrist. In some cases, the splints may extend over the whole forearm to provide additional support.

Conditions that might require a thumb brace
Thumb braces can provide pain relief for arthritis patients. It can also help stabilize thumbs that have been injured or immobilize fractured thumbs.

  • Repetitive Strain Injuries, like skier’s thumb injury, can be helped by wearing special thumb splints which help restrict thumb movement and thus aid in providing pain relief and faster healing.
  • Post Surgery thumb splints can help in speeding up the recovery process after thumb surgery. Your doctor will advise you on the best type of thumb splint to use to match your requirement.
  • Thumbs affected by Arthritis can be quite painful. Certain types of thumb splints can help provide relief from pain and inflammation.
  • Fractured thumbs can be supported by firm splints that immobilize the thumb and hold it in the correct position so that the bones can join and heal faster.

Points to consider while choosing thumb braces

  • Consider the level of stabilization needed. If you just want to limit the movement of the thumb for pain relief, light or medium control splint that limits but does not completely immobilize the thumb can be adequate. For fracture and other severe injuries, the thumb needs to be held in a particular position, and the movement must be restricted. This requires a thumb brace that provides firm support.
  • Finger splints for fingers other than the thumb might be easy to use on both hands. However, most thumb splints are designed for use only with the left or the right hand. So, ensure that you are buying a splint for the correct hand.
  • Thumb braces are designed to restrict the movement of the injured thumb. This design is ideal because it leaves you free to use your other fingers. If support is needed for more fingers, you can buy thumb braces that support the thumb and the left side or right side fingers in each hand.
  • Thumb braces are usually made of a lightweight metal frame covered by breathable fabric. These are fastened to the wrist and in some cases down the forearm. Buy braces that are padded and do not cause a lot of discomforts when worn for long periods of time.

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