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Three of the best 100 phone plans for seniors

Three of the best 100 phone plans for seniors

Many phone plans have come up in the US market which are exclusively designed for senior citizens. Here are three of the best 100 phone plans for seniors which are exclusively designed for seniors who are on a tight budget and have a fixed income:

T-Mobile offers a plan which offers 30 text messages, 30 minutes talk-time, or a combination of messages and minutes which add up to 30 for a price of $3. After this, additional messages or minutes are only for 10 cents each. This is called the Pay As You Go plan. This company offers phones for seniors which start at $60. However, in case you already have a device which is compatible with this phone plan, you can make use of it instead of purchasing a new one. This plan is known to be one of the most affordable 100 phone plans for seniors.

AT&T offers a plan which would cost you $2 for the day you place a call or send text messages. On the days you use a phone, you will be capable of procuring limitless texts and minutes. You can purchase a new phone from this operator at a price of $20. In case you have a compatible device, you can buy SIM card at a price of $4.99 and use it on the network of AT&T. They do not charge any activation fees. It is possible to add $25 to online purchases. You can eliminate the same from your cart prior to checking out.

Republic Wireless
Republic Wireless is a relatively new wireless carrier. It does not need a customer to sign a contract with them. It uses a combination of the cell towers and Wi-Fi of T-Mobile and Sprint for the transmission of texts, calls, and data. Republic Wireless plans need a compatible phone which you can purchase via the company.

These three are among the best 100 phone plans for seniors. These plans help in saving up on phone plans for those on a fixed income.

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