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Things you need to know about modern bathroom accessories for the elderly

Things you need to know about modern bathroom accessories for the elderly

When you suddenly find that the senior member of your family is no longer active and mobile enough, life does change in innumerable ways. Besides the emotional support that one needs to extend multifold, some physical alternations also need to be done to your house. Out of all the alterations in the house to suit the need of the elderly, bathroom takes the priority – for a simple reason that the elderly tend to slip often and are exposed to a lot of risks. Thankfully modern bathroom accessories have brought in innovative ways and means that would help homes to be a perfectly safe place for the elderly. Here are some things to know about modern bathroom accessories.

Anti-slip mats and handlebars – Place anti-slip mats and hand bars (or railings) in spots where there a is a tendency of slipping, like the vanity, shower, and closet etc., This drastically reduced the risk of slipping.

Tilting sink – A traditional sink is certainly disadvantageous for the elderly. If one were to use a wheelchair, accessing a sink is far too difficult. A tilting sink helps the elderly to use the tap effortlessly.

Roll-in shower – A roll-in shower without the fuss of raising glass walls on all sides would be a good idea. The opening to the roll-in shower should be large enough to accommodate the wheelchair, should a need arise.

Remove the unwarranted – There is a tendency to place objects in the bathroom for aesthetics. If you have an elderly at home, it’s wise to avoid this. The wheelchair should be able to make a complete turn (turning radius) from any given spot in the bathroom.

Avoid the locks – A lot of time is wasted to help an elderly who slips inside the bathroom. The main reason the locked door. Raise this concern with the elderly in your house and remove the locking mechanism itself or make it dummy. Instead have a noticeable sign outside the door, which can be an indicator whether someone is using the bathroom or not.

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