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Six things that make Kindle Paperwhite user-friendly

Six things that make Kindle Paperwhite user-friendly

Kindle Paperwhite is one of the most popular e-readers in the market. Besides, its essential features, which include access to millions of books, high-resolution display, long battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in front lights, and glare-free screen, many other things make Kindle Paperwhite a user-friendly device. Read further to know more about them.

  • Text size – The content in the Kindle Paperwhite can be adjusted in eight text sizes. So if your eyes are feeling exhausted, you can maximize the font sizes according to your preference. It also has Bookerly, a select typeface that is designed to facilitate flawless readability.
  • Translate – You can instantly translate passages into various languages such as Spanish, Japanese, French, etc. by highlighting any words or paragraphs. Bing Translator offers the interpretations for Kindle e-readers.
  • Smart Lookup – You don’t need to run to your dictionary or the search bar every time you come across unfamiliar terms while reading. Simply access meaning and definitions by using Smart Lookup without obstructing your flow.
  • Family library – In this library, you can quickly share all the Kindle e-books with your family and friends. You can also access books from partners or spouses if you have linked your Amazon accounts.
  • X-Ray – The X-Ray feature assists you to go through all the relevant plots of the book so that you remember what’s happened in the book. This can be extremely helpful if you are reading the book after a long time.
  • Time to Read – This a personalized feature that analyzes your reading speed and regularly updates this information as your pace and reading habits alter. This will let you know the average time it will take to complete a particular chapter.

Currently, Amazon offers Kindle Paperwhite at $119.99 approximately. It is available in shades of black and white. You can find it on sale at Amazon’s website or stores. Only check out the retail stores listed on Amazon websites.

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