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List of diabetic medical supplies one would need

List of diabetic medical supplies one would need

Diabetes is a silent killer that causes major health issues. A close monitoring of glucose level and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prevent it in the initial stages. However, it becomes crucial for you to understand the diabetic medical supplies that must be ready to control and monitor blood sugar level and also to deal with emergencies prevailing in a diabetic condition; for e.g., a sudden increase or decrease in insulin level that can cause major health complications. Here is a list of diabetic medical supplies that a diabetic or pre-diabetic patient needs:

Diabetic strips
Diabetic strips are made up of plastic and once blood is placed on the plastic, the strip changes its color. That when matched to the chart, will show you the sugar level that is needed to monitor and control diabetes regularly. Diabetic strips have no expiration date if stored and maintained properly.

Blood sugar meters
Blood sugar meters are advanced to diabetic strips. They are portable, small machines wherein the blood is inserted and the digital meter reads the sugar level in your blood thereby measuring if the sugar level is in control or not.

Diabetic shoes
Diabetic shoes are specifically designed shoes which are extra deep in the form of additional support as diabetic feet is one major risk of diabetes. They help prevent skin breakdown and fallen arches by their prevailing extra layer.

Insulin pens
The insulin pen consists of insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas. The pen releases the required dosage of insulin to regulate the blood sugar level. The official cycle for insulin pen is 28 days and they are disposable.

Food savers
There are certain food savers such as sweet candies, apple juice, and orange that helps in quickly raising the sugar level in an emergency condition. There are certain glucose tablets and gels that can also be carried if prescribed.

Diabetes is a serious condition that needs to be monitored. You should be cautious and maintain the necessary diabetic medical supplies and carry them while traveling in case of emergencies. After all, prevention is better than cure!

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