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Is toilet paper better than wet wipe tissues

Is toilet paper better than wet wipe tissues

For centuries we have been using toilet paper to clean up. Wet tissues, dry tissues, whatever it is we choose to buy for hygiene purposes, there are pros and cons for both. With care for the environment increasing and slogans against pollution becoming louder every day, which one of these – toilet paper or wet tissue – is a better bet? Which is a superior choice for humans, for the drain system, the environment, and for the wallet? Let us see which gets a clean sweep.

Majority of people in the country use toilet paper. It must be more out of years of routine, of habit. The minority that uses wet tissue does so because of specific health reasons or foul smelling past experiences. Toilet paper is available in a massive range of choices in differing paper thickness and brands almost in all shops – from hyper markets to little highway convenience stores. The availability of wet tissues cannot be debated, but if people are used to specific brands that are most suited for them, easy access to these might not always be likely.

Public restrooms and most private hotels and residences are sure to be equipped with tons of rolls of plain old toilet paper any day. And, that bring us to the next factor in consideration. How much toilet paper do we use everyday? Is the usage of wet wipes lesser in comparison because it cleans better with lesser sheets? Statistics claims the answer to that question is in favor of wet wipes. So we naturally assume that for the drain system, the lesser number of papers translates to lesser blocks to be cleared. But it has been observed that toilet paper is a more natural form of paper that dissolves in water quickly, while wet wipes do not break up easily and are the culprits clogging drains.

While both toilet paper and wet wipes are made of paper, there is more processing involved in creating wet wipes. This is why toilet paper costs much lesser than wet wipes.

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