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Interesting things you can do on your new Fire Tablet

Interesting things you can do on your new Fire Tablet

You can enjoy your viewing and reading experiences on your new Amazon Fire Tablet. If you are new to this device and are not sure what all you can do with your Amazon Fire Tablet, then here are the things that will enhance your experience with the tablet.

If you love reading but are tired of reading on certain days, you can listen to audiobooks. An audiobook is a feature that lets you hear the novel you want to read while you can just shut your eyes and relax. You can also enjoy audiobooks while driving, walking, or just lying down in bed.

You do not just have to stick to books and movies that you download and purchase from You can also load your own files from other devices to your Fire Tablet. You can load your e-books, movies, photos, and songs from your computer. You do, however, need a USB cable for this transfer since Bluetooth isn’t possible.

The more you use your Fire Tablet, the more personal it gets. That makes you want to keep your private things private. For the sake of your privacy, Fire Tablet lets you lock your device and enjoy your privacy.

You can email documents from your Amazon Fire Tablet. There is an email assigned to your Fire Tablet using which, you can send files to any (approved) email addresses wirelessly.

Sideloading apps is another feature you should know about when you are using Fire Tablets. You do not need an app store or the Google Play Store to install any application. You can just sideload applications from websites, such as If you are confused about sideloading, you can search the Internet and find tutorials on the same.

You can personalize your Fire Tablet just like your phone by changing wallpapers and themes. There are many other display features you can use to customize your tablet as much as possible.

With the help of Internet forums, you can know more about interesting things that other users do on their Fire Tablets.

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