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How to choose the right crutch

How to choose the right crutch

Made of wood, steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber or thermoplastic, crutches are an equipment that assists walking and helps improve the mobility of people who have difficulties with movement. There are two broad categories of crutches – the forearm crutch and the auxiliary or underarm crutch. Depending on how long the crutches have to used and the ability and strength of the individual needing it, the right crutch must be chosen.

Usually, seniors have issues with mobility. Hence medical aids like crutches are more useful for them to make them more independent physically. But crutches, unlike some other useful devices, necessitate a solid amount of strength and flexibility in the upper part of the body. So for those with a frail body, the use of crutches is not recommended. Debunking the idea that it is the arms that need the most strength to use crutches, it is established clearly that muscles in the shoulder, back, hands and wrists too need to be very strong. And, between the two types, forearm crutches, like canes, need even more stamina and vitality from the user. Forearm crutches envelop the arm and let the seniors’ hands bear their entire weight of their body. These crutches are recommended by physicians and physiotherapists for active people with still can exert some control over their movement.

Walking with crutches, however, needs practice. And, whichever type of crutch a person uses, it is important that they are of the correct height suited to match their height. Lest, instead of enabling them to stand or walk comfortably, crutches could scrape the skin at its point of contact in the body and cause abrasions, pain, and even nerve damage. Slip-resistant crutches with rubber tipped ends prevent falls and give a firm grip on the ground. Cushioned tops and handles give long-term crutch users the comfort they desperately need. Special springs placed in some crutches provide a cushioning effect, reduces strain and makes walking easier. Be sure to get the right crutch with comfortable handles to improve balance and stability.

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