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Here’s why orthodontic braces are required

Here’s why orthodontic braces are required

Reasons why orthodontic braces have become a requirement:

Problems in swallowing or breathing: Snoring and sleep apnea results from snoring.

Crossbite: When the upper teeth bite the lower teeth (towards the tongue).

Crowding: When extra teeth or dismantled teeth are involved.

Disfiguring of the face and mouth: The position of teeth and the development of jaw is affected.

Missing or extra teeth: Injuries and tooth decay problems.

Overjet: Comprises a short lower jaw with upper teeth protruding beyond normal.

Self-image: A beautiful smile can enhance the self-confidence of a person.

Spaces between teeth: Missing teeth or too large or small ones.

Chewing, biting or speech issues: When there is jaw alignment or improper occlusion

Lower jaw protrusion: When the upper jaw is not as long the lower jaw.

In case of children, problem arising could be:

Sucking the thumb finger: This results in a constricted upper jaw and protruded upper incisor teeth could be the result.

An eruption of teeth out of position: Guidelines could be given for proper alignment.

The orthodontic treatment which finally concludes with your wearing of orthodontic braces is:

  • Planning Stage: Your visits, in the beginning, shall comprise:
  • Jaws and teeth: X-rays.
  • Evaluation of your medical and dental conditions.
  • The “molds” of your teeth.
  • Mouth and face photos.

After entire evaluation, the orthodontist shall decide which braces shall be suitable for you or custom made appliances shall be fabricated for your use.

Active stage: This stage involves regular visits to the dentist for the follow up of instructions given by him and to enable a successful treatment procedure.

Retention stage: A new set of appliances are made after the treatment period is over and the braces are banished. These retainers can be taken off as per your wish and it shall be helpful in maintaining the changes made to the teeth if worn as said.

Each individual is different. So, treatment and retention times do not remain the same. Retention process continues for a lifetime. When your orthodontist finally suggests you orthodontic braces, he shall try to make sure that your lovely smile can retain throughout the journey of your life.

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