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Hand Carved Walking Sticks are a great gifting idea

Hand Carved Walking Sticks are a great gifting idea

Walking sticks are a dire requirement for those people who have a problem with mobility or simply just moving about in their daily or regular life. The market is flooded with a large variety of walking sticks that are designed to bring better utility to users. However, traditional walking sticks were mostly handmade, with intricate carvings on the handles and even the rest of the body of the stick.

These hand-carved walking sticks are detailed works of carving designs that are rendered on fine quality woods. These hand-carved walking sticks are much more than just mobility supports. In the past, they were symbols of style and status, and quite a fashion statement in their own right.

Tips To Buy A Good Quality Hand-Carved Walking Stick

Bear the following basic points in mind while you buy a hand-carved walking stick, so that you can get your money’s worth:

  • In order to get a good quality hand-carved walking stick, you must ensure that you have a good quality wood stick in hand first. Be sure to not compromise on the quality of the stick.
  • The carvings on the handle must be such that it is not uncomfortable or difficult to hold.
  • Preferably go for a straight-bodied stick. The carvings should not hamper the alignment of the stick much
  • Be wary of the height and the rear end of the stick.

Different Types Of Hand-Carved Walking Sticks

You can get a huge array of hand-carved walking stick designs in the market. Just as you can get sticks that have floral carvings on their handles and the body, there are other designer pieces where the stick is designed like a rattlesnake with carvings. Intricate carvings are done throughout the shaft of the stick depicting various ideas. The texture and the polished finish of the sticks makes a huge difference to the overall look.

You can get a fabulous specimen of such hand-carved walking sticks both in retail outlets and on online shopping sites. Choose prudently!

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