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Exercise for seniors – The best way to gain fitness

Exercise for seniors – The best way to gain fitness

Exercise is a basic need for any of individual be it a child, an adult, or even a senior citizen. In fact, exercise becomes an indispensable part of an individual’s health as they grow old. It becomes a way to gain the physical fitness as one gets aged. Around 28-45% of the elders fall prey to physical imbalances as the body fitness declines with aging. Thus, both exercise and performing any type of physical activity becomes favorable at this age. However, there are different types of exercises that support and enhance body metabolism, thus leading to better health.

Benefits of exercise for seniors
Exercise has always been beneficial for every age group, especially for a senior. Mentioned below is a list of different exercises and their benefits.

  • Endurance exercises help in building the endurance levels.
  • By performing aerobic activities you can increase your heart beat rate and breathing process.
  • Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, biking, and dancing are some examples of the same.
  • Strength exercises like weight lifting and resistance band based exercises help in strengthening the muscles.
  • Balance-based exercises help in improving the buoyancy and balance levels
  • Flexibility exercises help in muscles stretching

Best aerobic exercises for seniors
The best exercise for seniors begins with low-impact exercises like walking, swimming, water aerobics, and cycling.
Some of the other exercises may include:

  • tai chi
  • line dancing
  • square dancing
  • ballroom dancing

For maintaining general fitness, as little as 30 minutes of daily exercise is enough. This will help maintain the fitness level of the body as well as the mind. But, it’s recommended to always consult a doctor prior to beginning any exercise and implementing it on daily basis for favorable results.

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