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Different types of cheap cell phones

Different types of cheap cell phones

An online platform is the best source to increase your knowledge and act upon information relating to cell phone deals. For the most recent updates and to avail online discounts offers, click on cellphone specials. This link shall display to you various models and designs with special discounts and offers. Following the social media websites can prove to be quite informative.

Some cheap cell phones can be listed below:

Nokia 5110: The very first phone to catch everybody’s attention whose strength and battery life was a part of many Internet memes and its popularity continued up to 2001 is Nokia 5110. It is cheap as compared to the prices of many phones now and boasts of simple features like Snake. It is a classic as well as the cheap cell phone which although cannot perform as many activities as the brand new phones of today but was still capable of satisfying people in the past.

Nokia 3650: This phone gained importance in the year 2003 with a colored screen(640*240 pixels) and a Symbian OS. The best thing about this cheap cell phone was that it reflected how technology was emerging and how cell phones were transforming into smartphones. It also featured the infrared app with the help of which the classroom TV could be operated.

Samsung N200: This mobile phone also made its debut about 15 years ago sporting a flip up the speaker. It became known for its feature of charging a spare battery while using the phone. This is a cheap cell phone but rarely seen in the present scenario of evolving cell phones.

Sony Ericsson K750: Could be availed in vibrant colors like oxidized black, blue, blasted silver and metallic red. Sony’s Mega bass technology and the joystick controller in the center were the highlights of this now cheap cell phone. A 2-megapixel camera is supporting autofocus and LED flash are not to be forgotten as well.

Motorola V70: Launched back in 2003, this attracted a lot of buyers with its Star-trek looking design. It was not as affordable as it is now but a good battery life and GPRS were its prime benefits.

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