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Custom wheelchairs – Enhancing the utility of your mobility aid

Custom wheelchairs – Enhancing the utility of your mobility aid

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, every day there are some new creations. Technological innovations for disabled and handicapped people are also getting better by the day, take for example the wheelchair. We all know about the Electric wheelchair, that gives a handicapped person freedom to move around without much of a help. Now custom wheelchairs are giving the satisfaction of having a wheelchair tailor-made for you. It is as good as ordering a self-designed chair for you.

Here are some of the many ways that a custom wheelchair does to aid you in your mobility.

  • For distinct physical requirements
    The spectrum of issues that require a wheelchair is huge. Not everyone’s lack of movement abilities is same. Mobility problems and disabilities differ in nature as well as the body part affected. A design that will suit the purpose of someone who has problematic limbs will not be comfortable using a wheelchair meant for spinal cord issues. With custom wheelchairs, you don’t have to compromise. The custom wheelchair will be made to order fitting exactly what the user needs including movements, maneuvering techniques, sitting position, and much more.
  • For any special need
    Some people might also need custom wheelchairs because of their profession. An accident or disease should in no way be an obstruction to one’s professional career. Nowadays, we see people participating in global stages at par with those physically fit – with the help of their custom wheelchairs. Stephen Hawking is perhaps the biggest inspiration for this, who has spent the entirety of his illustrative career in his hi-tech custom wheelchair. Even players and athletes are not an exception to this. There is a whole event of Paralympics where players participate in custom wheelchairs, though not in every sport.
  • Personal touch
    If you would buy a chair for your study or a sofa for your hall, much thinking, detailing, and color choices would go into the decision. So why not the same for a wheelchair? You can choose everything from upholstery to spoke guards, you can customise and add any accessory that you want to and give your custom wheelchair a complete and unique look.

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