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Companies offering free phones for seniors

Companies offering free phones for seniors

For senior citizens, aged 65 and above, a low pension can prove to be a serious issue as far as managing basic amenities go. Nowadays, mobile phones are one of those basic amenities and it can be very heavy on your pocket. Health issues and emergencies, contacting the family, and staying in touch with relatives are just some of the reasons why senior citizens rely on phones.

The Government and some companies have recognized this problem as a growing cause for concern and have come up with a solution: free phones for senior citizens.

The Lifeline Assistance Program is a government-benefit program. They endeavor to provide phone facilities, specifically landline facilities to homes of senior citizens below an income level. This service is available across all 50 states of the USA.

Assurance Wireless and SafeLink Wireless are extremely well-known companies that are financed by the government to provide free cell phones for seniors. They give out free phones to eligible senior citizens and the device comes with 250 minutes of free talk time. This can be used according to one’s personal preference.

Budget Wireless, another such company, has similar provisions and benefits. They also have several add-ons. One can increase the talk time minutes for a small charge. If the senior is tech savvy and does their fair share of surfing the web and social media, they can opt for a smartphone too.

Senior citizens who have hearing difficulties are catered to by Touch Wireless. Their provisions are similar to that of other companies.

Free phones for seniors should often be checked to confirm that it meets the requirements of the senior in question. Such phones should most definitely have large and clear buttons. The display should be clean and should be devoid of any unnecessary applications.

Before purchasing a phone, one should also ensure that they meet the income eligibility criteria.

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