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Check out some of the best senior’s cell phone deals

Check out some of the best senior’s cell phone deals

For most cell phone plans, unlimited minutes and high-speed data are now becoming the standard requirement. However, they do not offer the best senior’s cell phone deals for those who do not need or want to pay for all the extras. With this in mind, cell phone plans have been designed for senior citizens.

Typically, cell phone prepaid plans include fewer minutes and add-ons when compared with standard plans. This can help senior citizens stay connected without spending large chunks of their monthly income.

In order to find out the best cell phone deals for seniors, you can check out the list below

Best cell phone plans for seniors:

Plans from AT&T and T-Mobile are the perfect option for those seniors who do not want a cell phone but would still like some peace of mind, which comes from knowing that they can reach family or medical professionals in case of an emergency.


For just $3 per month, you can use any combination of 30 minutes or 30 text messages. The name of this plan is Pay As You Go. This is a basic plan for seniors, and it is cheap as well.


AT&T GoPhone Daily is the name of this senior’s cell phone deals. The company charges only $2 as a fee when you place or receive a call or even send a text message on that day. This plan also includes unlimited minutes as well as text messages. Moreover, you can pay only when you use your mobile phone.

What type of plans other carriers offer:

Consumer Cellular:

The company offers a talk plan under the category of senior’s cell phone deals. This plan includes $10 per month and 20 cents/minute. It does not include any minutes or texts.

Republic Wireless:

This carrier charges only $15 per month for unlimited texts and minutes.


For just $9.99 per month, the company gives 60 minutes of talk time.

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