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Benefits of availing free phones for seniors

Benefits of availing free phones for seniors

A reliable phone service contributes to being an integral feature of modern life. Post retirement, seniors have to rely on their monthly income, and with this, the high price of a cell phone makes it difficult to afford, thereby hindering access to family and friends in addition to vital support networks like emergency assistance and doctors. With the Government offering free phones for seniors, this issue gets a viable solution.

Lifeline Assistance Program: Offering free phone service for seniors

The Lifeline Assistance Program is a government-benefit program which was developed during the Reagan Administration for providing free service to lower income households. The Government has modernized the program by bestowing free cell phones for seniors in lieu of only landlines.

Why seniors should be considering Lifeline Assistance Program

Any senior with a fixed monthly income encounters a wide number of issues. Seniors are particularly at risk as they spend much of the day alone. Free phones for seniors would assist them in a variety of tasks, specifically related to those during emergencies. Seniors are at higher risks of requiring assistance during medical emergencies. As free phones are offered under this plan, they reduce the risks of being alone while needing help or assistance in a medical emergency.

Benefits of the Lifeline Assistance Program

Free phones for seniors offered by the Lifeline Assistance Program is considered to be an amazing option for seniors to keep themselves connected, secure, and safe. In addition to medical safety, personal safety is another concern for seniors. As you can avail free phones for seniors, you will be able to keep in touch with any friend or family if you feel unsafe or insecure while walking outside on roads.

A basic phone service is a right, not a privilege. Free phones for seniors is recognized to be the best option for seniors to enjoy these basic rights.

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