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A brief overview of hospital bed mattresses

A brief overview of hospital bed mattresses

Caring for the sick and ailing is a tough job. It includes a large number of parameters and aspects. An increased level of comfort, while lying down or resting, is one of these parameters. You can get a number of special hospital bed mattresses, that are also known as medical mattresses or therapeutic mattresses, to make sure you get the best rest possible. These are often six inches thick and can be used to provide increased support and superior comfort to patients, both in clinical environments and home settings as well.

Different types of hospital bed mattresses
You can find different types of hospital bed mattresses made of different materials in a range of different styles. Let us take a quick look them:

Innerspring mattresses are some of the most popular hospital bed mattresses used in modern hospitals. They are made of evenly distributed inter-mattress coils and can be soft, or even quite firm, depending on your need. This type of mattress is suitable for patients who are not bedridden.

The second type of popularly used hospital bed mattresses are foam mattresses. They are extremely lightweight and are also highly economical. They have a better shock absorption quality as compared to innerspring mattresses. These mattresses are suitable for patients with bedsores and ulcers.

Low air loss mattresses are another type of hospital bed mattresses that are extremely conducive to pain-relief for patients suffering from bedsores. These mattresses help reduce pressure on the skin.

The last type of hospital bed mattresses that are widely used are alternating pressure mattresses, where the alternating inflation and deflation of the internal air cells allows the occupant to shift his or her body weight with little to no pain. They help provide relief from bed sores and also ensure the continuous motion of body fluids and lung secretions. They also have side perimeters that prevent the patient from rolling off of the bed.

What’s the right hospital bed mattress for you?
In order to get the right hospital bed mattress, you must keep the following aspects in mind:
– The size of the patient
– How frequently the mattress needs to be cleaned
– The intended duration of using the mattress
– The medical advice prescribed to the patient

These hospital bed mattresses are very important elements that can play a pivotal role in the treatment and recovery of a patient. They can be extremely helpful in providing relief and comfort to your loved ones. Know what to look for, and keep your health safe.

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