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4 safety tips for seniors traveling solo by train

4 safety tips for seniors traveling solo by train

Traveling solo is an amazing experience for young adults as it lets them discover new things. However, for seniors who are traveling solo, especially by train, there are certain things they need to adhere to in order to make their journey safe and smooth. Seniors are often viewed as easy targets for miscreants like pickpockets and other mischief-causing agents. Though you can be alert throughout your journey, certain sensible steps on your part can ward off such unpleasurable events and ensure that you make the most of your exciting train journey.

So, read on to know about four simple safety tips that can make your train travel a blissful one.

  • Prepare well in advance for your journey: Half of the onus of traveling safely by train begins before your actual journey starts. You need to ensure that your luggage is light and you can easily carry it around. However, if you are traveling to a far place, traveling light won’t be an option. In such cases, you can reserve porter service in advance. Another important factor you need to consider before you travel by train is that you must plan your itinerary in accordance with your safety. Moreover, you should avoid changing trains at night to prevent any kind of threats.
  • Get insurance: Though getting insurance is a sensible decision for travelers of all ages, it is quite essential for senior travelers who are at a greater risk of falling sick or getting injured during the train travel. So, for seniors who are on train travel in a foreign country, it is always a good idea to avail of travel insurance as it will be their backup in case they are injured or they run out of medications.
  • Secure your luggage: Before your train journey begins, you need to ensure that all the luggage is secured and locked up. Lock your bags or get new locks in case the older ones don’t work. Keep all your travel documents with you all the time and ensure that you make copies of the same. Also, never leave your travel documents, camera, money, and electronics unguarded. Another important fact you need to internalize is that you shouldn’t trust strangers too much as there may be well-dressed and poised con artists out there.
  • Always keep your family in the loop: Seniors who are traveling solo should keep their family apprised of their daily itinerary. Also, keep your cell phone charged as you might need it in urgent situations. Moreover, try not to deviate from your schedule as much as possible.

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